The Nicholson School of Communication & Media (NSCM) is an interdisciplinary entity providing academically rigorous undergraduate and graduate education. Through a range of professional and academic programs, excellence in creative activity, research, and technical production is fostered, guided by the strategic objective to have impact and become nationally and globally prominent.


NSCM holds as its mission the promotion of:

  • Free inquiry, free speech, and the free flow of information and ideas in a diverse, contemporary society;
  • A creative, collaborative, and ethical environment for research and for the production of high-quality games, interactive media, film, and mass communication;
  • Rigorous, relevant, and stimulating undergraduate and graduate curricular and co-curricular programs that are research based, preparing students for professional careers or advanced graduate study; and
  • Engagement, collaboration, and research with community partners to serve the university, communication and media industries, and our broadly-defined service area in central Florida and beyond.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Nicholson School of Communication and Media Anti-Racism Statement
The Nicholson School of Communication and Media takes seriously the role of education in eradicating hate and discrimination in our communities. We also acknowledge that institutions of higher learning have perpetuated the status quo, supporting systemic inequities and harmful norms for centuries. Scholarship in communication and media studies recognize the power that words and images hold to lift up and also harm. However, rhetoric is never enough in the fight for humane and equitable working and learning spaces. Our commitment to a culture of inclusion and belonging is centered on the belief in human dignity and the recognition that many members of our communities, most notably Indigenous, and Black and African American people, have not been afforded that dignity in the United States and specifically in higher education. We know that our structures, policies, curricula, and culture require deep examination and ongoing evaluation in order to respond to injustices in our sphere. More specifically we commit to:

  • Auditing curricula for inclusion of work from scholars of color and providing resources for faculty to increase representation in their courses and research.
  • Holding ourselves and others accountable for bigoted, racist, and discriminatory behaviors.
  • Creating more opportunities for feedback and to actively listen to the concerns, needs, and calls for action from our minoritized communities.

Nicholson School of Communication and Media Commitment to Inclusive Culture
At the Nicholson School of Communication and Media we are committed to creating and maintaining inclusive learning and working environments. We strive to honor diversity in all its forms and want staff, students, and faculty to feel respected and valued in our school. We aim to apply an equity lens to the many activities that are encapsulated in the work at the Nicholson School. The development of an inclusive culture necessarily centers effort to ensure a sense of belonging for minoritized populations in our school. In order to achieve these goals, a variety of resources are required to support the dynamic and ongoing engagement. By embracing and celebrating differences in NSCM, members of our diverse communities can thrive in larger industry, local, national, and global contexts.