Shari v. N. Hodgson, Associate Instructor, has been associated with the University of Central Florida (UCF) since 1978. Ms. Hodgson received her undergraduate and graduate degrees from UCF and completed post-graduate studies from Barry University. Ms. Hodgson has been a faculty member in the Nicholson School of Communication and Media since 1991, teaching a myriad of different Humane Communication classes: Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Business and Professional, Interpersonal, and Organization Communication.

Ms. Hodgson continually supports the goals of Nicholson School of Communication and Media, the College of Sciences, and the University by her service. Examples of such support include the Coordinator of the NSCM General Education Program for the past six years, the School’s representative to College of Sciences Undergraduate Curriculum Standards committee the Instructor/Lecturer Promotion committees and currently the UCF’s General Education Program “Refresh” committee, the School’s Awards and Recognition committee and the Co-chairperson of the Department’s Assessment Plan committee. Since 2009, Ms. Hodgson has served as the Faculty Advisor for the School’s Honor Society, Lambda Pi Eta since 2007. In addition, she developed and facilitated a six-week group, “BREATHE,” which helped students reduce their public speaking anxiety levels. For her efforts, Ms. Hodgson has received “Outstanding” levels on her annual evaluations from the last five Nicholson Directors since 2003.

M. Hodgson continually received students’ evaluations above the School, College and University levels. For her commitment to higher education, her students and the community, Ms. Hodgson has received numerous awards: the University Teaching Incentive Program awards in 2005, 2010 and 2015, the College of Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching awards in 2013 and 2017. Professionally, the Florida Communication Association has awarded Ms. Hodgson the Outstanding Teacher of the Year for 2007 and 2013. From her community, Ms. Hodgson has received the Volunteer of the Year twice and received the first Lifetime Achievement award from the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce for her leadership and commitment to the success of the Chamber’s Adult and Youth Leadership programs. The Center for Drug-Free Living awarded her the Yearly Community Involvement award.

Before joining the NSCM faculty, Hodgson consulted in the private sector, conducting worldwide seminars called “Insight,” which focused on improving the quality of personal and professional relationships. She conducted workshops in the fields of personal growth, public speaking, interpersonal relations, and organizational communications. Ms. Hodgson worked with the Federal Bureau of Prison, facilitating an experiential, three-day weekend seminar with inmates, which has significantly reduced their recidivism rates from 23% to 7%. Ms. Hodgson also provided Trial Communication classes offering continuing legal education for lawyers.

Ms. Hodgson has been a resident of Winter Park since 1954. She is active in the Chamber of Commerce Leadership Council, autumn and spring Art Festivals, originator and chairperson of the Chamber’s Youth Leadership program. Ms. Hodgson and is a member of the Winter Park Congregational Church and Center for Spiritual Living and has served on the Park Aire Condominium Board of Directors since 1994.