Stephanie Rice has been involved in television production for more than 25 years. She spent her early career in independent television producing on-air promotions in Nashville, Tennessee, her hometown. From there, she went on to cable television, producing numerous entertainment shows for The Nashville Network. As a freelancer, Rice produced literally hundreds of TV commercials, shooting film and video. When her career relocated her to Atlanta, Georgia, Stephanie started her own production company, producing corporate communications for such companies as The Burger King Corporation, United Van Lines, Fender Guitars and more.

Rice began her teaching career in 1988 when she was hired to teach video production classes. She taught both technical and creative aspects of television at The Art Institute of Atlanta while maintaining her outside production clients. During her stint at AIA, Rice was named director of the video production department and acting director of two new departments: multimedia and computer animation. Rice obtained her M.A. in communication from Vermont College, a part of Norwich University, in 1998. Since then, Rice has dedicated her career primarily to teaching.

Rice joined UCF in fall 2004 and enjoys a warm rapport with her students and the community. Rice continues to keep busy in the industry, producing TV shows for the UCF channel and documentaries on subjects about which she is passionate.