CAH Committees


CAH Dean’s Advisory Committee Nominee

Matthew Mosher

CAH Ethics Committee

Barry Sandler

CAH Graduate Studies and Research Committee

Bob Jones

CAH Scholarships & Awards

Dan Novatnak

CAH Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Gideon Shbeeb

CAH Instructor/Lecturer Promotion #1 (instructor/lecturer)

Terrell Theen

CAH Instructor/Lecturer Promotion #2 (tenure track)

Bob Jones

CAH Sabbatical Committee

Barry Sandler


COS Committees

Instructor/Lecturer Promotion Committee

Yulia Gersimova

Beatriz Reyes-Foster

Shari Hodgson

Representative To COS’ Research Committee

Dr. Ann Miller

Sabbatical Leave Committee

Kim Voss

SoTL Nominee

Will be coordinated by Zach Knauer in COS


Communication Committees

Awards And Recognition Committee

Rufus Barfield
Doug Blemker
Lindsay Hudock
Ann Miller
George Musambira
Steve Neel

Curriculum Committee

Joan McCain
Harry Weger
Jennifer Sandoval
Jim McCafferty
Renata Kolodziej-Smith

Policy And Planning Committee

Sierra Cater
Jonathan Conway
Melissa Dodd
Sally Hastings
George Musambira
Adam Parrish
Deanna Sellnow
David Young

Student Success Committee

Michelle Dusseau
Regina Francies
Gary LaPage
Jim McCafferty
Eve Oxley
Adam Parrish


Film and Mass Media Committees

AESP Committee

Tim Brown
Steve Collins
Mark Gerstein
Ula Stoeckl

Curriculum Committee

Zachary Beckler
Rick Brunson
Kevin Smith

Policy And Planning Committee

George Bagley
Jon Bowen
Lori Ingle
Jeff Kunerth
Kevin Smith
Lance Speere

Recruitment Committee

Katie Coronado
Yson DeBlois
Phil Peters
Stephanie Rice
Kate Shults


Games & Interactive Media Committees

Graduate Curriculum Committee

Natalie Underberg-Goode
Eddie Lohmeyer
Matthew Mosher
Eric Murnane
Mel Stanfill

Instructor/Lecturer Promotion Committee

Natalie Underberg-Goode
Joseph Fanfarelli
Rich Grula
Peter Smith
Jason Burrel

Mixed Reality Initiative Exploratory Committee

Paul Varcholik
Emily Johnson
Eddie Lohmeyer
Matthew Mosher
John Murray

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Peter Smith
Max Croft
Madeline Davis
Taylor Howard
Gideon Shbeeb

Policy And Planning Committee

Mel Stanfill
Joseph Fanfarelli
Dan Novatnak
MC Santana
Eileen Smith


NSCM Committees

Policy And Planning Committee

Responsible for reviewing all policies and procedures and proposing changes to faculty for approval.

Jennifer Sandoval, Assoc. Professor (Communication – Chair)
Melissa Dodd, Assoc. Professor (Communication, F19)
George Musambira, Assoc. Professor (Communication, S20)
Kimberly Voss, Assoc. Professor (Film & Mass Media)
Steve Collins, Assoc. Professor (Film & Mass Media)
Matt Mosher, Asst. Professor (Games & Interactive Media)
Mel Stanfill, Asst. Professor (Games & Interactive Media)

Awards And Recognition Committee

Responsible for identifying faculty and staff for awards and assisting with scholarship selection process for the school.

Shari Hodgson, Assoc. Instructor (Communication)
Doug Blemker, Instructor (Communication – Chair)
Barry Sandler, Assoc. Professor (Film & Mass Media)
Stephanie Rice, Assoc. Instructor (Film & Mass Media)
Terrell Theen, Instructor (Games &Interactive Media)
Chris Roda, Instructor (FIEA)

Student Success Committee

Responsible for developing strategies for enhancing retention of transfer students and addressing issues of probation and academic integrity.

Gary LaPage, Instructor (Communication)
Regina Francies, Lecturer (Communication)
Jeff Kunerth, Instructor (Film & Mass Media)
Rick Brunson, Assoc. Instructor (Film & Mass Media)
Max Croft, Research Assoc. (Games & Interactive Media – Chair)
Peter Smith Assist. Professor (Games and Interactive Media)

Curriculum Committee

Responsible for approving all curricular proposals emanating from departments through school on curriculog.

Melissa Dodd, Assoc. Professor (Communication – Chair F19)
Gideon Shbeeb, Instructor (Games & Interactive Media – Chair S20)
Joan McCain, Assoc. Instructor (Communication)
Renata Kolodziej-Smith, Lecturer (Communication)
Phil Peters, Professor (Film & Mass Media)
Taylor Howard (Games & Interactive Media)
Peter Smith, Assist. Professor (Games and Interactive Media)

Graduate Studies Committee

Responsible for recruitment, enrollment, retention, evaluation of graduate students in advanced degree programs.

Tim Sellnow, Professor, Director of Strategic Communication
Doctoral Program and Committee Chair (Communication – Chair)
Bridget Rubenking, Assoc. Professor (Film & Mass Media)
Peter Smith, Assist. Professor (Games & Interactive Media)
Lisa Mills, Assoc. Professor, Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Digital
Cinema M.F.A. Program (Film and Mass Media –S20)
Phil Peters, Professor (Film & Mass Media –F19)
Rich Grula, Assoc. Instructor, Coordinator of Interactive
Entertainment M.S. Program (FIEA)

Graduate At-Large Committee

Lindsay Neuberger, Assoc. Professor (Communication)
Tim Brown, Assoc. Professor (Film & Mass Media)

Staff Success Committee

Responsible for identifying issues of importance to staff and advancing staff concerns to school for consideration
All staff are eligible to serve on this committee.

Dylan Yonts, Instructor ((Film & Mass Media – Chair)

Promotion and Tenure Committee

Responsible for evaluation of faculty seeking promotion.

Departmental Committees

Each department should confirm faculty membership on committees for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Nicholson School Committee Committees – 2019-20


Communication  (Term: 19-20, 20-21)


  • Gary LaPage, Senator
  • Rufus Barfield, Alternate Senator


Film and Mass Media  (Term: 19-20, 20-21)


  • Steve Collins, Senator
  • Tim Brown, Alternate Senator


Games and Interactive Media  (Term: 19-20, 20-21)


  • Mel Stanfill, Senator
  • Gideon Shbeeb, Alternate Senator


NSCM At-Large (Term: 19-20)


  • Ron Weaver, Senator
  • Michelle Dusseau, Alternate Senator