Are Our Minds Being Led By Robots?

Many might argue that the way we process information and think about information is being influenced by the technology-based world we now live in. Maryanne Wolf is one of those people. She stated, “We are not only what we read, we are how we read.” How true is this argument? Do we just read stuff via the Internet because it is easily accessible or because these technology robots are controlling our minds? Every one will have a different opinion. That is just the way life works.


However, my opinion is that we are not being influenced by the technology. We just live in a generation that does not stop moving and we must adapt quickly. Therefore, we use the different tools of technology to our benefit. For instance, when there is a crisis such as the averted UCF shooting, we want to learn more about it in order to know everyone is safe. In order to do so we rely on the news. Well the news shifts from one topic to another so then we quickly go to the articles written via the Internet. Once we find the article we are able to figure out exactly what happened and the status of everyone’s safety. The reason why we have not “dumbed” down our thought process is because we learn certain journalism ethics. These ethics teach us to differ the false from the factual. Therefore, we get our facts straight.


So all in all, our thought process has changed but so has our society. We, as human beings, must adapt with the changes so we do not get left behind.

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