Chistmas in September?

Its December 21st and Thanksgiving is only a day away. We expect leaves on the ground and fall colors, turkeys and stuffing and cranberry sauce. One look at the local shopping center proves this is not the case. Since September, the stores have had Christmas on display, red, white, and green, snowflakes and candy canes decorating every window. Christmas music plays through the speaker phones at the department stores and over the radio even. I can’t help but wonder what happened to Thanksgiving? If the Christmas/ holiday season starts in September now where should Thanksgiving fit on calendar? We’ve skipped right over Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and lets not forget that Christmas music was playing this year before Halloween! The official Christmas kickoff day is October 7, so having music on before that is not such a big deal, however the decorations and Christmas push seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year. Of course come June we’ll be hearing about Christmas in July cause apparently Christmas comes twice a year now. The world has gotten so caught up in being ready or prepared early for the holidays that we’ve forgotten to enjoy the moments as they come, stressing about the next holiday before this one has finished. Lets make a pact, next year, lets celebrate the holiday on the calendar; lets stay in the moment and enjoy ourselves. However you choose to celebrate the holidays, with family, with friends, by getting away on your own, or something completely your own; don’t rush it, enjoy that time.

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