Could Miami’s Loss In London Be Philbin’s Last Game

Even before the Miami Dolphins left for London days ago, rumors had begun to swirl about the fate of head coach Joe Philbin.  Barely grasping a 1-3 start to the season, the Dolphins have looked absolutely dreadful this year.  There was a lot of hype before the season about how much talent and potential the team has and now that hype has been replaced by disappointment.  The free agent acquisition of Ndamukong Suh cost Miami a pretty penny and was supposed to help build an elite defensive line that could strike fear into the hearts of elite quarterbacks around the league.  But so far through four games, Suh has not even managed to get one sack.  Player shortcomings and lack of team preparation has been evident and many believe it is about to cost Joe Philbin his job.

Reports from sources close to the team say that management will heavily review their position on Philbin’s future over the next few days.  It is very possible Philbin is fired as soon as Miami returns from their latest loss in London.  Ironically, last season when the Dolphins played a game in London, they beat the Raiders.  That loss for the Raiders turned out to be the last for then head coach Dennis Allen.  Allen was fired as soon as the team arrived home.  Sadly Philbin could receive the same news upon returning as well.  Firing Philbin will not solve all of Miami’s problems though.  They will need some crafty management and drafting to try and rebuild a team that is riddled with bad contracts and underachieving players.

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