Disappeared plane creates confusion around the world

It’s been 3 days since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 lost contact with air traffic control, disappeared off the radar and failed to arrive at its destination in Beijing. With widespread searches conducted across oceans by various countries, there has been no sign of what happened to the aircraft or any of the 239 people on board.

The world has been watching on as the disaster unfolded and hopes of finding survivors dwindled. Now what we’re left waiting for is answers. How could a Boeing 777 with an excellent safety record go missing without a trace or any distress calls? If no survivors are found it will be the worst air disaster since 2001 when 265 people were killed when an American Airlines Flight crashed into a New York neighborhood.

If you look throughout history this type of event has only happened once before.  In June 2009, an Air France flight from Rio de Janeiro en route to Paris went missing. It took more than 2 years to find the wreckage and even longer to uncover the cause of the accident. Some bodies were never recovered.

The situation has been the focus of media attention around the world and there is something about this story that is truly disturbing. When it was announced the Malaysian flight went missing, I too was on a flight back to the United States. It goes to show that this could happen to any of us or our loved ones.

Theories have arisen regarding the use of two stolen passports used by passengers. But authorities have been unable to reach any conclusions. For now the search continues and the mystery goes unsolved.

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