Do I Care About The NFL Draft?

I guess?


I don’t really know.

I don’t care about professional football, nor do I spend much time following college football.

And yet…

I’ll still watch it, provided there isn’t anything better on.

But why?

I honestly could not tell you. I don’t have a vested interest in the outcome. I don’t know these young men, I don’t follow their prospective teams, and the outcome will have no impact on my life.

It’s just so damn interesting.

They’re about to beginning a completely new life. New city, new teammates, new personnel. And that, for whatever reason, is fascinating. 

It’s just such a human story. It’s exactly what all of us are going through as we march toward graduation. Some of us are closer than others, but we’re all on our way. Soon, we’ll be striking out on our own. No longer will the cocoon of higher education protect us. We’ll be moving to new cities, making new friends, and establishing new careers. The difference is the scrutiny.

Imagine having to do all of the above while under the watchful eye of the media. ESPN, NFL Network, Fox. They don’t exactly come down to our day jobs to get a scouting report. But for these athletes, it’s part of the job. They’re expected to exceed already ridiculous statistical expectations, conduct themselves like P.R. professionals, and win. Above all else, win.

It’s a bit much for a young person to handle, yeah?

So, no, I don’t care about the draft, so much as what it symbolizes.

But, will I be watching?


Unless, like, New Girl is on or something.

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