Ever wanted to see your baby before it’s born? Well, now you can..

Yep, you saw correctly. A California company is now creating fetus figurines so you can meet your unborn baby before it is born. These ‘real dolls’ are being created by Indigogo and their website claims that the dolls will be a “treasured family heirloom”. Does anybody else find this strange? Imagine your delight when your parents bring our your model of when you were unborn baby at your 21st birthday party. And there I was thinking baby photos were embarrassing.

A life sized model can be purchased for $600. Alternatively, you can purchase a 2-inch mini model for $200. You can even choose the skin tone for your replica unborn baby.

The model is created with 3D printing, which seems like an excellent use of the new ground-breaking technology doesn’t it? The models are made based upon 3D or 4D ultrasound images taken during pregnancy to create it as lifelike as possible. It’s funny to imagine how mothers-to-be no longer have to post Facebook photos of their ultrasounds to share the baby news with of all their friends, instead they can upload photos of them holding their unborn baby. If you weren’t wanting a model of your own unborn child, the company sells replicas of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby for $250.

The company was launched through a crowd funding campaign but not surprisingly, they only received $1,225 of the $15,00 they had hoped to raise. Although that didn’t put them off continuing the launch of the product. The Indigogo website states that “the company’s ultimate goal is to bring a smile to the faces of parents, grandparents, and other family members as they recall the day they met their little one”. But I feel the most memorable day, the day the baby is actually born should be the most significant. But maybe that’s just me.


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