Free at last, get rid of your social media accounts and become a new man or woman.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are gone from my life. About six months I decided to cut-off my life line to the social media world. I am sure some people reading this blog and are in utter disbelief because they are so integrated and invested in their online connections, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I will admit that at first I questioned my decision. I kept thinking I was missing out on something. I was tempted to jump back on my old Facebook account or log in to Twitter and check what everyone was doing, however, I resisted my urge and I feel more free than ever. I came to the realization that I don’t really care whats going on via social media. If I want to keep in touch with friends or family, I will give them a call or shoot them a text. But the countless time I wasted checking Facebook and Twitter became a habit that I am happy to have dropped. Now, I don’t know if correlation equals causation but I have found that since I dropped the social media bug, I have been performing better at work, my social life hasn’t changed in the least, and finally I have found that I have been more personable with people, this probably has to do with me having a reestablished genuine desire to talk to people and find out whats going in their life. This passion in communicating with people  is something I completely lost when I could just read about it online.

Getting rid of Facebook and Twitter has been a great thing for me and although everyone is different, I urge you to try it for a period of longer than two weeks. See what changes you notice in your time and energy spent on Facebook and Twitter. Now, having shared my experience, I do understand that a large majority of people do use social media on a regular basis. I will also say that there great things about social media, however, dropping my social media use has only influenced my life in a positive way  and it may influence yours in a similar way.


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