Google Found The Secret To Success

Twenty years ago Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched one of the most revoluntionary sites to ever hit the web. Google is the biggest most widely used search engine in the world. Google has become a verb and a meme. The free search engine has built itself up solely on the money of advertising. The company sells the most important product in the world to advertisers. The billions of people searching the web everyday are handed right over to advertisers. Keeping track of each click and each search.

During their graduate studies the developers discovered their own algorhythm to rank pages. Which is extremely helpful when using Google to find popular information on just about anything. The site has become so advancaed because of this algorhythm that Google now has the power to find what you’re searching for without you even finishing your request. This is the stuff that was only real in science fiction movies so many years ago. Google can find guess what anyone wants with a click of a few choice keys.

With this power, of course advertisers ran to Google to get their name out there. When someone types in “Pizza” in Google every pizza company wants to be the first link seen on that search. But for this placement it’s gonna cost them. If you want the public handed to you of course it’s going to cost advertisers a pretty penny. Google is banking on being the top advertising billboard in todays media oriented society.

But not everyone is okay with Google using them for their own gains. Some believe that Google using them as their product is an invasion of their privacy. But if we’re willing to post all our information on sites like Facebook, and Twitter we are also willing to have our information be apart of the internet as a whole. The makers of Google believe have contributed to the free-flow of information that is necessary for a true democracy and true freedom. Either way you look at it, Google has developed one of the most used and groundbreaking sites ever. For that, at least, they deserve some remarkable recognition.


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