Has Technology Destroyed Societies Study Habits?

Most people born during the past twenty years could never imagine a life without the technology we currently rely on. The inventions of calculators, search engines, and laptops have by far made finding the answer to a homework question more simplistic and stress free than ever before. But are these easy shortcut ways to acing a take home test causing students to become less intelligent and more willing to search google for an answer instead of discovering and learning it for themselves? Before it took entire sheets of paper and understanding to reach an answer to a math problem. Now you can easily type the symbols and numbers into a scientific calculator and reach the answer in seconds. This means you have a much higher chance of the answer being right but if you were asked how the answer was reached or the formula it takes to reach it, most would not know. It works the exact same way for when people search for a answer in google- getting a right answer without actually knowing it themselves. Another downfall of technology is its distraction and societies constant need to be connected. During classes, most people are texting on their phones instead of listening to the lecture- so why even come to class? At home when trying to learn what I was obviously too distracted to in class, I become haunted by the constant urge to get on facebook or check a new email instead of focusing on my studying. This back and forth process of studying-distraction-studying makes intaking what we are attempting to learn virtually impossible, resulting in the downfalls of test grades and overall human knowledge within todays society.

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