Heartbreaking tragedy in Paris, over 100 people killed; over 300 more wounded

Last night, was a sad one for Paris and for the world. Paris experienced one of the worst tragedies in their country’s history when over 100 people were shot and killed and over 350 people were wounded in coordinated terrorist attacks.

It all started around 9:30 p.m. when two explosions went off near Stade de France during the first half of the France- Germany match, which Francois Hollande, the French president, was in attendance of.  At around the same time attackers strike a restaurant called Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillion Bar where 15 people were killed. Soon after attacks were launched on the terrace of  La Casa Nostra pizzeria, at least 20 diners were shot killing at least five people.

9:40 p.m. , the militants are still going and aim for more victims. 19 people are shot and killed at the La Belle Equipe  bar in Rue de Charonne. And the final attack included the most bloodshed when over 80 people were killed at the Bataclan concert hall were American rock group,  Eagles of death metal, played.The gunmen wore suicide vests and used AK- 47 riffles as they ruthlessly opened fire.

As of recently the officials are still working to identify all of attackers.  However, according to the Greek Public Order Minister Dimitris Toskas, a Syrian passport was found on one of the attackers found at the Stade de France and was used to claim asylum in Greece last month.

In wake of all these terribly sad  attacks, last night Paris turned down it’s Eiffel Tower lights while countries around the world lit up their monuments in solidarity..

Prayers for Paris.

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