How Reliable is the Internet? Google It.

For most of us, living without Internet would be a very difficult task. Without it, most of us would feel very disconnected from the world. But just how much does Internet function in our daily lives?

Many times, if we do not know an answer, the first thing we do is turn to the Internet. Search engines allow us to enter a question or phrase and be linked to all different webpages that bring us the answer. The most popular search engine is Google and has even taken over our vocabulary. Don’t know an answer? “Google” it. This popular search engine has become a verb, all inclusive of a search engine as well as an action.

I feel, however, that “googling” and searching for answers constantly, eliminates the old, traditional way of finding answers. During the years prior, information was discovered through books or word of mouth. Internet has provided a better array of answers, although information is not always reliable. We have to make sure we choose credible sources as the answers to our questions. Wikipedia may provide fast information, but definitely not credible. For quick questions, like what year did the movie Mean Girls come out, you don’t need a scholarly source to get the right answer. However, for your history project, you definitely don’t want to use a source where any John Doe could have written an article. The more we use the Internet, the more experience we will have in differentiating between credible or not. There is a lot on the Internet and we have to choose wisely.

It seems as if the online world is slowly taking over. I believe the Internet is a lot more accessible and faster than looking in a book for an answer. Many books are also online, so we get the best of both worlds. The Internet is a positive way to discover and explore information, scanning discretion advised, though.




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