Keeping Things in Perspective

It is often easy to view all major lifestyle changes as for the better. Who could deny that air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and other new technologies benefit us greatly? Certainly few, if any. However, I believe everyone should take care to examine both sides of every new advance in science/technology. With every new technology, there almost always follows a downside. It is important that we realize this, in order to make accurate decisions by weighing the pros and cons of each new proposed invention/advance.

For instance, modern medicine has cured many major illnesses, such as smallpox. However, all weapons of biological warfare derive their recipes from medicine as well. As another example, computer/electronics have enabled education to spread, but have also enabled cyberterrorism and cyber-bullying. As you can see, it is critical that we fully examine all emerging technologies before they become widespread. Otherwise, we as a people run the risk of sacrificing vital necessities for life in favor of pure convenience. One must wonder whether or not this is already occurring, what with increased fuel consumption and mass production draining the world of its resources, all so that we can get places faster or own a fancy phone.

Most people are ill-educated regarding the full extent of the damage some technologies/new ways of life do. Misleading or false food labels, under-the-table politics, and transportation are all clear supporting examples. I believe schools need to focus not only on pure academic material, but also on worldwide events in an unbiased manner. Hopefully this will soon be more than just an idea.

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