Sean Payton – The Next Dallas Cowboys Head Coach?

On the eve of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Atlanta Falcons, the rumor mill has already begun weighing in on the future of current Cowboys’ head coach, Jason Garrett. Speculations have turned to the recently suspended, previous head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton.

Sean Payton’s contract with the New Orleans Saints was voided after the NFL enforced sanctions following the Saints’ bounty-gate controversy. The enforced sanctions included a one-year coaching suspension and as well as restrictions from any communications with players, coaches and staff within the New Orleans Saints organization.

Payton is an ideal head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He maintained a 62-34 record as the Saints’ head coach as well as winning a Super Bowl Title, compared to Garrett’s record of 16-16 and a complete failure to reach the post season during his tenure. Payton has also worked previously in the Cowboys organization and understands the expectations of Cowboys’ GM, Jerry Jones.

Also Sean Payton and Cowboys‘ quarterback Tony Romo reside from Illinois which may make them a better suited to work together; however, given the state of the team and his age, Romo may also see the chopping block at the end of the season.

So one question is raised, how is Jason Garrett taking the news. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, reported the current Cowboy’s head coach Jason Garrett is aware of the rumors regarding Sean Payton possibly replacing him at the end of the season. While he acknowledged the rumors, he also mentioned that he is more focused on what he needs to do to win games.

Cowboys’ GM Jerry Jones is also denying that he is looking to relieve Jason Garrett of his coaching position. He is loyal to Jason Garrett and has given him leeway in hopes that he will turn around the season; yet Cowboys’ fans know that Jerry Jones isn’t always a man of his word.

At the end of the day, Jerry Jones wants to win games and if Jason Garrett cannot deliver, then there will be no reason to keep him around for another year.

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