The Media: Making Mountains out of Molehills

Peter Maas said in his article how when Sadaam Hussein’s statue was knocked down that it was a major event on all televisions. This made Americans proud and it also had the Iraqis celebrating their freedom. He also compared this to the taking down of the Berlin Wall, which was another huge moment in history that was televised by the media.


Have you ever heard the saying of making “mountains out of molehills?” Well that is what the media does. Now, I’m not saying this to demean what is being broadcasted or to say that it is not as important as it seems but with televisions and the media, different events and their significance have been intensified. The media is in control of what we see on our television screens. They show us the good or the bad depending on what reactions they want from us and then they add on to it by repeating the same scenes or showing more of the same emotion. This is how they turn a small (or smaller) situation into something extremely newsworthy and historical.  In Peter Maas’ article, he talked about how some people felt that the media turned the tearing down of Sadaam Hussein’s statue was more of a show. I personally feel that this is what the media’s intentions are for most occurrences that turn into groundbreaking news. In a more physical way, they can take different camera angles or shots and make it seem like something more exaggerated than what it really is.


With all of this, the new shows and different news articles seem so dramatic to most of us. They have the power to almost control what we feel by feeding us the right scenes and words to get us to feel that way. All in all, their techniques for propaganda have been working on us as not just a nation but as a world of people.

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