The Prosecution Enters New Evidence in the “Bladerunner” Trial, and It’s Not Good For Oscar Pistorius

Monday in Pretoria, South Africa, the infamous “Bladerunner” trial continues with new evidence being presented. In courtroom G.D., as Oscar Pistorius carefully tried to ignore the extremely private text messages his then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, had sent to him. As the messages were slowly read from the witness stand by a rather large police expert, the Olympian sat timidly in the dock, with silent tears moving down his face.

The conversation recorded on a cell phone application called WhatsApp, was found on Steenkamp’s iPhone, offered an very close insight of a independent woman who wanted to make sure she stood her ground quite early in the relationship. The easily aggitated young man, who she had seemingly fallen in love with, not making it easier.

“I’m the girl who let go with u, even when I was scared out of my mind to,” Reeva Steenkamp typed in a phone message to Oscar Pistorius only less than three weeks before he allegedly murdered her.

“I’m the girl who fell in love with u and wanted to tell u this weekend but I’m also the girl that gets sidestepped when you are in a [expletive] mood. When I feel you think u have me so why try anymore …”

The presentation of the messages in Monday’s testimony was yet another try by the prosecution to show the Pistorius explosive personality. They tried to prove what happened on Valentine’s Day of last year was not a case of mistaken identity and that Pistorius had shot through a locked bathroom door knowing Steenkamp, not anyone else, as he claims, was on the other side.

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