The Sochi Olympics Continue to Be a Disaster

The 2014 winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia is probably by far one of the worst and most talked about Olympics the world has seen. The Olympic games officially began of Friday February 7th, 2014 but the buzz on the street came long before the start of the games. Travel experts say that this years’ games could see the lowest amount of American spectators and I for one am not at all surprised.

Most of the infamous talk began as the Olympians and reporters began to arrive in Sochi, Russia. The world thought they had already seen the worst of Sochi by its dual toilets but little did they know that was only the beginning of a long ride. A group of CNN reporters that booked travel plans for the games months in advance expected to each have individual full equipped rooms but were sadly mistaken. Upon their arrival, not only did they have to check into their rooms through the owners own bedroom, only two out of the six rooms they requested were ready!

Another reporter complained that her water in her hotel room was not working and when they did turn the water on it appeared to be a yellow color and was told “whatever you do don’t put your face in the water it has dangerous things” She would of been better off with the water off! As the Olympic games headed to a start a couple of the athletes have dropped out of their races because the courses are too dangerous to compete. One Snowboarded almost had a near death experience when she crashed and her helmet spit in half this weekend. My question is who chose this place? Most of us had no idea where Sochi was on the map before the games, now we definitely have something to remember it by.

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