The “talking phase” of relationships

As society continues to develop with the advancement of technology and the circulation of trends, have relationships begun to change as well? Now days I am beginning to see fewer and fewer couples and more people that are in the “talking phase”. Originally the “talking phase” occurred during the beginning stages of a relationship when you were casually conversing with someone you may be interested in to see how they are as a person. Perhaps you would go on a couple dates and hang out. This stage would usually last for a few months and then progress into a relationship. Now, the ‘talking phase” has merely stretched into a relationship with no commitments. Some people feel that they can talk to multiple people at one time while others feel that they should only talk to one person at a time. The problem with the “talking phase” is that it has no definitive terms. Now people are using it as a crutch where if they mess up or “cheat” it’s ok because the two of you aren’t technically together. However this is a very thin line because some people take it as serious as an actual relationship. With the changing society it is important that the couple figures out the terms from the very beginning that way there are no gray areas. Take my relationship for example, we have been “talking” for almost two years, but it is understood that we are physically and emotionally faithful to each other. I don’t understand why we don’t just make it official, but in his mind he sees it as “why fix something that ain’t broke”. All the “talking phase” has done is take the stress and responsibility that comes with commitment out of a relationship.

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