There is still quality, you just need to find it.


In this generation we are bombarded with movies, TV shows, webisodes, and clips from every angle. It is sometimes can be hard weed through all the information and find quality things. There is something for everyone. Much like music, there are different genres to fit different people and different moods. A song can have a beat that energizes you or calms you down, or lyrics that make you think, and we often forget that movies are the same. I recently saw a movie that accomplished its mission of making me feel. It was an independent film called Short Term 12. It centers around a group home for teens, and a couple that works there. You learn about some of the children and the struggles that each person goes through. It was a well crafted film, in my opinion, and had some very real moments. After I watched it, I was pleased to realize how much it made me feel.

I think we forget sometimes how artful a movie can be, because there are so many films made today that aim to get the highest profit. Not to say that those cannot make people think and feel as well, but you do not always need big flashy lights for that. Another movie I watched recently was Spike Jonze’s latest film “Her”. While I did not particular enjoy the plot of the film, it was very well done, there was a great production value to it. There were parts of the film I did not care for, but overall it was an interesting concept, executed well. I really felt for the character. I think there are some movies that just take a little longer to sell and you end up thinking about them later, realizing more about the movie than you originally thought. Those are just two of the most recent movies I have seen and left a lingering thought with me after they were over. Different things effect different people, and I think that is one of the great things about movies.

I believe people still want to feel, and think. There is still quality out there amid the mass production, and I think it is worth search a little to find something that will make you feel and think.

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