UCF Fans get what they asked for, George O’Leary retires as Head Coach.

Well, fans have been asking for it all season and it finally happened. UCF Head Football Coach George O’Leary has announced that he will be stepping down as coach effective immediately and retiring from the world of college football all together. Fans across the country have been posting #FireOLeary throughout social media sites as the Knights have come to an 0-8 record this season, ranking them last in total offense throughout the entire nation.

George O’Leary stated today “2014 was a rewarding season which culminated in our second consecutive AAC championship and third conference championship in five seasons. 2015, however, has been a disappointment to me and many despite the hard work of our coaches and players.” O’Leary was originally planning to retire at the end of the 2015 season but “In an effort to allow UCF to accelerate its search for my successor and clarify the facts regarding my future plans, I am retiring effective immediately” O’Leary stated.

Quarterbacks Coach Danny Barrett will be filling in as the interim Head Coach until a permanent successor is determined. Many fames believed Assistant Coach Brent Key, who had server as Assistant Coach to O’Leary for 17 seasons, would take over the position once O’Leary retired. Instead, Key was awarded $700,000 after UCF opted not to name him the Knights next Head Coach. The awarded money is based on a clause in his contract that the athletic association refuses to release to the public. At this time, Coach Key will be staying on as Assistant Coach with the Knights as well as receiving the awarded money of a 24-month span.

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