Woman from Arkansas Snapchat Post Foreshadows Death by Boyfriend

Stephanie Hernandez, 21, didn’t know it at the the time but a snapchat that she posted ended up foreshadowing her own death. The 21 year old Little Rock resident was found dead in her ransacked apartment, later that day. Hernandez’s on again- off again boyfriend is the current suspect in this crime. It was just earlier that day after moving into their new apartment, that he was featured on her snapchat story holding a gun pointed at her head.

Friends of Hernandez have said that they knew that he wasn’t good for her and that he was bad news. Hernandez death was caused by a gun shot wound. She is survived by her two young daughters who are now in the care of her family members.

On her snapchat story from that day there are both pictures of the gun, that belonged to her boyfriends and pictures of him holding the gun pointed at both the screen and Hernandez.  These pictures surfaced just hours before Stephanie Hernandez’s life was cut short, her daughters 3 years old and 8 months old were not in the house at the time of the shooting. Hernandez was suppose to start a new job on Monday.

The question now is whether the boyfriend is the reason that his girlfriend passed? What were his motivations behind this crime?

The family states that these images were cause for worry in the hours before her death, It isn’t however stated if this worry was ever communicated to Hernandez.

In this new technology age we are sharing more and more of our lives with each other, tragedies like this are just another reminder to make sure that we communicate concern with others when we see possibly disturbing images. This is truly a sad story and my prayers go out to her family in this difficult time.

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