Yoani Sanchez: The Independent Reporter of Cuba

After many years of the long “Castrist” domination in Cuba, there have been many individuals that raised up in order to get a voice out of the country itself. The reason why these voices were born was the demand and need to report about the lack of liberty that have been predominating in Cuba during the past years.

Nowadays the most famous out of these voices is Yoani Sanchez. A Cuban journalist and blogger who decided to narrow the world about all these things through her blog: Generation Y. Through Generation Y, this young-middle age philologist has take the role of demanding the Cuban government to change some political and economical aspects in order to allow the Cubans to have a well-being and the availability to been treated as persons according to the human rights. Which are actually being violated by the Cuban homeland.

Regarding Yoani’s background, she was born in La Habana in 1975, and had her parents had communist ideology. Her father worked in the railway however when the sector dropped in a deep crisis he changed his job to a bike repairer. While her mother worked in a taxi headquarter.

In 2007, her blog was successfully a reality, and nowadays have a wide audience counting with thousands of readers. However Yoani also collaborates with international means of communications such as newspapers around the globe. For example, The Huffington Post, El Pais (Spain), Clarin (Argentina), and The Miami Herald.

Yoani’s success has been recognized around the globe by influential people such as Barack Obama. She has also received the award Ortega y Gasset by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, and Time chose her blog as within the top 25 of the world.

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