Production Blogs

Last week I almost got caught in the rain with all the gear exposed.  This could happen to any of you, so let me share what I did.  It was a beautiful day when we started out, but as we all know, in Florida, weather can change in a matter of minutes and a little forethought goes a long way.  On the shoot, I saw the clouds getting darker and noticed the wind had picked up.  So, I had my co-worker stay with the equipment while I ran and got the raincoat and two umbrellas from my car which I had thought to bring “just in case”.  Once back I secured the gear with my raincoat and was ready with the umbrellas until our shoot concluded.  It had just started raining when we wrapped.  Luckily, with the raincoat protecting our gear, we were able to pack up without any moisture getting on the equipment.  If you don’t have professional rain gear for equipment it helps to be resourceful! – Stephanie Rice, 9/9/13