The Center for Crisis Communication (CCC) assists students, researchers and professionals/practitioners in applying the understanding and lessons learned from research and education. Additionally, CCC acts as a viable resource for professionals/practitioners by facilitating interactive application and consultation. Finally, CCC promotes collaboration of researchers with professionals/practitioners in case study research to further understanding and examine application of research findings.

The Center for Crisis Communication conducts applicable, relevant workshops for professionals/practitioners to participate and pursues collaboration with other appropriate partners, including research efforts, educational efforts and convening experts.

Professional Practices

Identify and validate Best Practices for effective crisis communication applications.

Assessment, Consultation, and Training

Facilitate the assessment of crisis communication planning, processes, protocols and performance. Help connect knowledgeable and capable experts with field applications and needs for assessment, consulting and training.


Collaboration and Useful Links


Disaster Resource Guide



Institute for Public Relations (IPR)

The Institute for Public Relations (IPR) has a free online research center focused on the science of social media at www.instituteforpr.org/scienceofsocialmedia/.

The website begins with summaries of more than 30 articles or books about social media from public relations research literature. Plans are underway to add information about social media research from practitioners and academic disciplines including journalism, mass communication, business and the social sciences.

Each article summary includes an extended abstract, comments about the research methodology, key findings and implications for the practice. The site also provides opportunities for public relations practitioners, academics and business leaders to comment on the research, how they will use it and what additional research they would like to see.

International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGoCC)

The International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGoCC) is hosted by the Institute for Media and Communication Science, which is one of the biggest research and education facilities for communications in Germany. In the interdisciplinary academic environment of the Ilmenau University of Technology, the IRGoCC aims at stimulating and conducting in-depth and integrative research in the field of crisis communication.

The IRGoCC’s research activities include different types of crisis on individual, organizational and societal level in order to contribute to the further integration of a very fragmented field of study. Besides academic research the IRGoCC intends to intensify the dialogue and knowledge transfer between practitioners in politics, business, nonprofit organizations, the media and scholars interested in crisis communication research. You may need to click the Translate Site to English button in order to read the website in English: www.crisis-communication.de.

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)