Thank you for visiting the International Crisis and Risk Communication (ICRC) Conference website.  Please explore this website to learn more about the annual conference held on the UCF campus in Orlando, Florida. The ICRC Conference was designed to facilitate interaction and discussion about risk and crisis communication among members of both the professional and academic research communities.  I hope you will consider attending this year’s conference.

The idea for an international crisis and risk communication conference developed from my work in applied research. It became apparent to me that research scholars tended to “talk with” and interact predominately with other research scholars at academic conferences and meetings. Likewise, professionals seemed to be sharing with other professionals in a variety of conventions, expos and trade shows driven by vendor sales.  I became convinced there was a need for expanded idea sharing and conversations to create a new synergy that engaged the perspectives of both practitioners and academics.

Further recognizing that issues surrounding crisis and risk communication are not limited by national boundaries, it seemed that connecting international professionals and research scholars was key to enriching the conversation. The goal to create a “place and space” where a global audience of professionals and academics could comfortably gather was the motivation to convene the annual international crisis and risk communication conference.

The vision for the annual ICRC Conference remains consistent with its origin.  The priorities remain to keep the conference as a conversation forum, to sustain a climate for personal interaction, to feature leading professionals and top scholars, and to provide information and new ideas that are useful and meaningful to conference participants.
Thank you for being part of this experiment in knowledge creation and education.

Robert C. Chandler, Ph.D.
Director, Nicholson School of Communication