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2015 Presentation PDFs

By permission of the presenters, the following 2015 ICRC Conference presentations are those permitted for educational access via this website only, for the sole purpose of ICRC Conference attendees’ reference. (Please direct any questions you may have to the individual authors/presenters. Please note, this is a limited list from the total presented live at the conference event.)

Subervi_Federico_2015 ICRC

Subervi_Federico_2015 ICRC Workshop R2


Reynolds_Barbara_2015 ICRC


1210 Macgregor-Skinner r2

Karagiannis_Synolakis_2015 ICRC

Gagne_Anne Marie_2015_ICRC

Freberg_Satterfield_and_Saling_2015 ICRC


Blythe_Bruce_2015 ICRC

Nowak_Glen 2015 ICRC