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Speakers » Wole Adamolekun

  • Senior Lecturer

  • Elizade University

  • Nigeria

Wole Adamolekun, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Elizade University, Nigeria. The author of several books, book chapters and journal articles on public relations and media arts in Nigeria, he has more than forty years’ experience in corporate communication in downstream oil sector, micro credit administration, social-political development and strategic communication. Email: wole.adamolekun@elizadeuniversity.edu.ng

“Diplomacy as a crisis communication strategy: The case of MTN group and the Nigerian government”

When non-adherence to the laws of a host country results in a crisis, the consequences on the errant company is harsh. South Africa-owned telecom company, MTN, learned that lesson. We examine how MTN used diplomacy and lobbying to mitigate a crisis that threatened the relationship between Nigeria and South Africa.