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  • Assistant Professor

  • University of Southern Mississippi

Kathryn Anthony (Ph.D, University of Kentucky) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi. She also serves as the Director of Graduate Studies for the department. She is an applied scholar who studies the risk inherent in medical decision-making. She also studies information seeking and processing during heightened risk and uncertainty. Among other outlets, her work has been published in the Journal of Health Communication, Health Communication, and the Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Ostomates and Social Support: The Impact of Responsiveness on Health-Related Quality of Life

Ostomates who self-disclose may experience increased HRQOL if people are responsive to the disclosed information (Manne & Badr, 2010). The purpose of this study is to examine the role of self-disclosure, responsiveness, perceived and received social support, and health-related quality of life in helping ostomates transition to their appliance.


Crisis and Disaster: The Future of Telemedicine

When access to medical care is limited, telemedicine provides an effective solution to meet patients’ health care needs (Roine, Ohinmaa, & Hailey, 2001). The purpose this study is to examine how Corstrata, a wound care and ostomy telemedicine company, may prevent major interruptions to care for ostomy patients during and immediately after a disaster.