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Speakers » Albena Björck

  • Senior Lecturer, Coach and Advisor

  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences

  • Switzerland

Dr. Albena Björck is bridging the gap between academia and business practice. She is a lecturer and researcher at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland. She focuses on strategic brand, change and crisis communication. Prior to Academia, Dr. Björck spent more than 20 years in business practice and has a unique experience in international crisis communication. Albena works currently also as a consultant and executive coach for businesses and institutions.


The role of organizational culture for creating understanding and trust through internal crisis communication”

Despite well planned and formulated crisis communication, internal stakeholders can still misunderstand and not trust it. Because internal communication effectiveness is shaped by the existing organizational culture. How does culture manifest itself in the internal crisis communication and what patterns do support or impede understanding and trust?