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  • Senior Communications Adviser

  • Ministry of Transportation (Norway)

Kjell Brataas, from Oslo, has been on the front lines of crisis communication during some of Norway’s most devastating crises. He held central positions after the tsunami in 2004 and following the terrorist attacks in Oslo and on Utoya on July 22, 2011. Brataas has practical experience from private companies and government ministries. He has presented at crisis communication conferences around the world, including London, Toronto, Istanbul and Denver, and he has lectured on crisis communication at the university level. Kjell Brataas has recently published a book through Routledge titled “Crisis Communication – Case Studies and Lessons Learned from Internatiional Disasters.”

“Cultural challenges when memorializing tragedies”

In my presentation, I will give recent examples from around the world showing how various tragedies have been memorialized. I will describe some of the challenges involved, including differences of opinion among the bereaved, the injured and the uninjured survivors. My presentation will focus on the broader side of the culture gap.