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Speakers » Steven Butler

  • Graduate Student

  • George Mason University

  • USA

Steven Butler is a part-time graduate student at George Mason University pursuing his MA in Communication with a specialization in strategic communication. By day, he is a communication and outreach contractor for the Federal Aviation Administration, primarily focused on aviation industry outreach. Steven has developed an ever-increasing interest in the theory and practice of crisis communication, especially as it ties to ethically preserving and maintaining organizational reputation in crisis scenarios. He is happily married and lives in Reston, Virginia. His hobbies include golf and fly fishing. He welcomes any takers to pursue or discuss either hobby this week.

“Boeing’s perfect storm: A case study of Boeing’s crisis communication response to the 737 MAX 8 tragedies”

This presentation summarizes a case study focused on Boeing’s early crisis communication strategies in response to the deadly 2018 Lion Air and 2019 Ethiopian Airlines crashes from a situational crisis communication theory lens. The scope includes analysis of Boeing’s initial response to its admission of culpability on April 4, 2019