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Speakers » Michael Cacciatore

  • Assistant Professor

  • Grady College’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Georgia

  • United States of America


Michael A. Cacciatore

Michael A. Cacciatore is an assistant professor in Grady College’s Department of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Georgia where he teaches research methodology and courses in public relations. Dr. Cacciatore received his B.A. (English) from the University of Manitoba in Canada in 2006. He then completed both his M.S. degree in Life Sciences Communication (2009) and his Ph.D. in Mass Communications (2013) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He joined the faculty in the Department of Advertising & Public Relations immediately after his graduation in 2013. In addition to his faculty position, Dr. Cacciatore is a member of Grady College’s Center for Health and Risk Communication. Dr. Cacciatore’s research focuses on risk communication, with an emphasis on media coverage of risk and opinion formation for risk topics. He has worked on risk topics ranging from nanotechnology to nuclear energy to childhood vaccinations. His work has appeared in a diverse set of academic and trade journals, including Public Understanding of Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Mass Communication and Society, New Media and Society, Energy Policy, Nanotoxicology, and Public Relations Review, among others. Dr. Cacciatore has expertise in public opinion research, with an emphasis on survey methodology and the analysis of quantitative data.