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Speakers » Jenna Currie-Mueller

  • PhD. Candidate/Assistant Professor

  • SUNY Oswego

  • United States

Jenna Currie-Mueller is a PhD candidate at North Dakota State University and Assistant Professor of Organizational Communication at the State University of New York at Oswego. Her research examines risk and crisis communication messages in social media and legacy media contexts. She explores message content and message effects on attitudes and behavior during the preparedness and pre-crisis stages. Additionally, she examines health information communicated between supervisors and subordinates at work. She resides in Central New York with her husband, Ben, cat Pi (pronounced PIE), and Chihuahua-terrier, Old Man Stuart.

Tweeting to Prepare: An Examination of Government and Organizational Messages during National Preparedness Month

Each year, disasters have devastating consequences in the U.S. We can lessen these impacts by developing a culture of preparedness. Examining messages disseminated on Twitter via government and non-government organizations gives insight into cultivating a prepared populace. This research examined messages throughout National Preparedness Month in 2017.