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Speakers » Audra Diers-Lawson

  • Senior Lecturer

  • Leeds Beckett University

Audra’s research focuses on managing the relationship between organisations and stakeholders across platforms, situations, and cultures. Most research focuses on crisis communication and she is increasingly interested in the cross-cultural implications and challenges of crisis response because there are very few genuinely ‘local’ crises today because of both increasing globalisation of business and our multi-platform world. Complementing her interest in risk and crisis communication, she is also interested in the use and development of simulations as a method of training and education in applied fields like public relations and business management.

Evaluating the state of crisis communication research: A data-driven review of crisis communication research from 1953-2016

For academics, our goal is to provide recommendations for the development of the field by identifying strengths & weaknesses. For practitioners, our goal is to provide a more accessible summary of the resources available to support risk and crisis communication messaging to improve effectiveness by using the most cutting-edge approaches to risk and crisis communication.