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Speakers » Betty Farmer

  • Professor & Consultant

  • Western Carolina University

  • United States

Dr. Betty Farmer is an award-winning professor of communication and public relations at Western Carolina University. Her teaching specialties include crisis communications, leadership communication, public relations campaigns, and gender communication. Her scholarship has appeared in the top public relations and community engagement journals. She has won numerous awards for teaching and community engagement. She also provides customized communications consulting, coaching and training services to businesses and nonprofits in North Carolina. Whether in the classroom or the boardroom, Dr. Farmer is dedicated to “growing better communicators.”

Bridging internal and external communication gaps during crises: A case study of social media management during the death of a leader

This presentation offers a model case study of how internal communications, media relations and social media were coordinated during the death of a leader–an especially challenging crisis for organizations to manage. Lessons learned and key takeaways, including the importance of enabling engagement for social media “have nots,” will be shared.