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Speakers » Marcel Fianke

  • Research Assistant

  • Jade University of Applied Sciences

  • Germany

Marcel Fianke currently works as a research assistant within the CITADINE project (“Citizen Science and Nature-based Solutions for Improved Disaster Preparedness”) at Jade University in Germany. His research interests are risk and crisis communication on natural disasters, in combination with citizen science projects. Marcel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Economics and Journalism, and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in “Management of Digital Media”.


How to improve risk communication on natural disasters using projects with local communities: experiences from Northern Germany”

The presentation discusses a wide range of risk communication formats with different stakeholders such as volunteers, disaster survivors, schools, and university students. The approach presented involves citizens in the creation and implementation of e.g. Flood Protection Days, Science Cafés, School projects, and disaster-related multimedia exhibitions and competitions.