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Speakers » Ryan Fuller

  • Assistant Professor

  • California State University, Sacramento

  • USA

Ryan Fuller is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations at California State University, Sacramento, and was previously an Assistant Professor of Applied Communication at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. He received his PhD in Communication from UC Santa Barbara. His research focuses on what organizations are doing to prepare for crises. As well, he is interested in whether and how organizations meet the information needs of their stakeholders, and whether their communication practices stabilize or destabilize order.


The readiness for renewal of U.S. charitable organizations: A state of the art”

Nonprofit organizations provide critical services to society, raise attention to social issues, support expression, build communities, and guard important societal values. However, little is understood about their ability – before a crisis – bounce back. This project draws on the Discourse of Renewal to assess nonprofit organizations’ “readiness for renewal.” With a national sample of more than 2,000 nonprofit organizations, this investigation provided a state of the art of the sector, tested the conditions of renewal, and provided further support for the measurement properties of the renewal for renewal scale developed by Fuller and co-authors.