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Speakers » Amiso George

  • Associate Professor

  • Texas Christian University

  • United States

Associate professor and former chair of Strategic Communication at Texas Christian University, USA. She received the Public Relations Society of America’s “2017 Educator of the Year” and the 2017 Bridge Award for Excellence in Strategic Communication Research from the International Crisis and Risk Communication Conference (ICRCC) and the University of Central Florida Nicholson School of Communication. George directed the Public Relations program at University of Nevada, Reno, and taught the first crisis communication course. She has lectured in Australia, Nigeria and Malaysia. She co-edited two books on crisis communication, including Culture and Crisis Communication: Transboundary Cases from Nonwestern Societies.

Crisis Communication in an Age of Climate Change

Scientists say hurricanes and typhoons are likely to become routine in an era of climate change. Using the IDEA model (Sellnow, et.al, 2017), we examine messaging about Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence. We argue that messages based on this model would persuade publics to act in ways that protect themselves.