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Speakers » Marina Ghersetti

  • Associate Professor

  • University of Gothneburg

Marina Ghersetti is Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, University of Gothenburg. Her main research area is Crisis Communication, and she has participated in a number of international and Swedish research projects focusing the impact of digital technology and social media on communicational practices among the public, authorities and journalists during major social and natural crises. She is presently involved in a four-year project about the reciprocal relationship between crisis communication and societal trust. Her other scientific fields of interest are political communication and journalism culture.

Information seeking and communication during Stockholm terrorist attacks

The presentation addresses issues of media choice in the network society when serious crisis occurs. Where do people seek information and how do they communicate, and what disparities are there between different demographic and social groups? The answers to these questions are fundamental for effective crisis communication and crisis management.