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Speakers » Dr. Yan Jin

  • Georgia Athletic Association Professor

  • University of Georgia

Dr. Yan Jin is the Georgia Athletic Association Professor in Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and the Assistant Department Head of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Georgia (UGA). She is also the Associate Director of UGA’s Center for Health & Risk Communication. Dr. Jin’s research focuses on the role of social media and emotions in crisis responses and strategic decision-making. She has co-edited a book about social media and crisis communication and has authored more than 75 scholarly journal articles. Dr. Jin received the 2014 AEJMC Krieghbaum Under-40 Award for her outstanding achievement in research, teaching and public serviceShe was elected to the Arthur W. Page Society in 2016 based on her teaching and research distinction in corporate communications. In 2018, she co-founded the Crisis Communication Think Tank at UGA, bringing together crisis scholars and practitioners to collaborate on advancing crisis communication science and practice. 

Presentation Title:
“Sticky Crisis” Challenges: Advancing Theory and Practice in Managing Complex and Recurring Crisis Issues