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  • Professor

  • University of Gothenburg

Bengt Johansson, PhD, is a professor in journalism and mass communication at the University of Gothenburg. He has extensive experience on various positions in academia. His research interest focus on crisis communication and political communication He is currently working on research about long term effects of media on our world views and how crisis communication is related to public trust. Among his latest publications are Struggling for the upper hand. News sources and crisis communication in a digital media environment (Journalism Studies 2017), Election Posters around the globe (Springer publishers, 2017). Ten Years with Political Television Advertising, (Routledge handbook of political advertising).

A citizen perspective on crisis communication: a normative approach

Crisis communication is often accused of being too centered on organizational reputation and image repair. We here present a citizen perspective on crisis communication. The point of departure is needs and interests of the individual citizen, with focus on the capabilities citizens require to function as a member of society and survive a crisis