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Speakers » Hyoyeun Jun

  • Ph.D. Student

  • University of Georgia

  • United States

Hyoyeun Jun is a 3rd year Ph.D. student in Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. Her research area is crisis and risk communication in a topic of public health crisis. Her dissertation topic is to find the message that overcomes the barrier of stigma towards HPV vaccination in a most effective way for risk communicators

Health Risk Tolerance as A Key Determinant of (Un)willingness to Behavior Change: Conceptualization and Scale Development

Through an in-depth interview from the general sample and focus group from college students sample, we captured 55 items to explain how they are tolerating the health risk. Through EFA and CFA, we are presenting what are the final items are to measure the concept of “risk tolerance”.

The Role of Risk Tolerance in Publics’ Health Risk Perception and Responses

A survey is conducted to examine how individuals’ risk tolerance of climate change and foodborne illness spread can be predicted by their perception of risk predictability and controllability, as well as how the varied risk tolerance further predict affective and behavioral responses such as information seeking and sharing.