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Speakers » Jiyoun Kim

  • Assistant Professor

  • University of Maryland

  • USA

Jiyoun Kim. Dr. Kim earned her PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research is broadly concerned with science, health and risk communication. She is particularly interested in how we can harness the power of communication to design and deliver effective messaging to help the public have more meaningful conversations about science and health issues in order to help the public make more informed decisions.

“The relative persuasiveness of gain-and-loss-framed messages: Exploring the moderating role of the first-versus-third-person perspective”

In times of emergency, formal organizations and members of the public have generated and shared crowdsourced information to help damaged communities. Using the 2018 California Camp Fire as a case study, this study explores how communication interventions influence people’s risk perception and online post-sharing intentions. Specifically, through the lens of construal level theory and prospect theory, this study demonstrates the direct, indirect, and moderate persuasive effects of message framing on Facebook post-sharing intention. Using an online experiment among Amazon Mechanical Turk workers (N = 475), this study found that a gain-framed message works well when it comes to encouraging social media post sharing intention; a first-person perspective taking frame (vs. a third-person) seems to be more effective in increasing peoples’ perceived risk. The persuasive power of gain vs. loss frame differed depending on the different perspective-taking frames.