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Speakers » Michael Klafft

  • Deputy Director of the “Institute of Information Systems

  • Jade University of Applied Sciences

  • Germany

Michael Klafft is professor for information systems at Jade University of Applied Sciences. His research interests are risk and crisis communication via digital media. Michael participated in the introduction of KATWARN, Germany’s first SMS and app-based disaster alert systems for the general population. He coordinated the EU-FP7 project “Opti-Alert: Enhancing the efficiency of alerting systems through personalized, culturally sensitive multi-channel communication“.


Operational guidelines for the use of disaster alert apps by authoritie”

The presentation discusses operational guidelines for disaster alert systems for the general population. Topics include alert message design, alerting strategies (both for people in actual danger, but also for people outside the danger zone), and alerting of target groups with specific requirements (e.g. people with disabilities)