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  • Faculty

  • University of Greifswald

Martha Kuhnhenn holds a PhD in German Linguistics. She studied at four different universities in Germany and Spain. At the University of Greifswald (Germany) she works on her habilitation within the field of risk communication; more precisely she studies the discourse about the herbicide glyphosate. She published several books, articles and book chapters about credibility and trust. Since 2014, she teaches different classes at bachelor and master level. Further, she was a visiting professor in Oviedo, Spain and Hanoi, Vietnam.

Bought Science vs. Fearmongering? The German Debate on Glyphosate in the Context of itʼs Reapproval in the European Union.

The public debate about glyphosate is lead controversial. Supporters claim that modern agriculture has to make use of it, while opponents criticize the herbicide as a threat to biodiversity and claim a carcinogenic risk for humans. In my presentation, I will discuss the current debate on glyphosate in Germany as a case of public risk communication.