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  • Associate Professor of Marketing

  • Victoria University of Wellington

Daniel Laufer, an Associate Professor at one of the leading universities in New Zealand, is an expert on Crisis Management, and has published articles in leading academic and managerial journals. His recent article on Crisis Contagion was featured in the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Laufer has also taught courses on the topic of Crisis Management on MBA and executive levels at leading universities worldwide. Dr. Laufer also serves on a panel of experts for the Wall Street Journal commenting on best practices in Crisis Communications, and has been featured by PwC in the USA for his work on Crisis Management

Restoring a Consumer’s Sense of Control during an Industry Product Harm Crisis

Increasingly a product harm crisis develops into an industry crisis. That is, several brands, as opposed to a single brand, are involved in a product harm crisis. This article explores how firms should respond to an industry product harm crisis based on a study conducted in China.