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Speakers » Jungkyu Rhys Lim

  • Ph.D. Student

  • University of Maryland

Jungkyu Rhys Lim is a Ph.D. student in Communication at the University of Maryland, College Park, with a focus on public relations and strategic communication. His research investigates how organizations can improve communication regarding risks, crises, and issues management. His research utilizes mixed methods, including quantitative, qualitative, and computational methods.

When Government Doesn’t Provide Information – Publics’ Crisis Mapping for Contagious Disease Against Government’s Information Non-Disclosure: A Case Study on 2015 MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) Corona-Virus Crisis in Korea

What happens when the government does not provide information to publics in crisis? In 2015, South Korea experienced the chaos caused by hospital-associated outbreak of MER-CoV. Above all, the Korean government was blamed for its failure to disclose information in a timely fashion. Still, when government did not provide information, publics find its own way to fill gaps.